Menu on the tablet
Menu on the tablet
What if, instead of an old-fashioned menu, you could give your customers a tablet that displayed beautiful images of your creations in addition to the name and description?
 Order from customer's smartphone
Order from customer's smartphone
After scanning a QR code on their mobile phone, the customer can choose from your dishes in your restaurant and send the order. Of course, the pictures of your dishes are displayed.
Online order
Online order
Allow your customers to put together and send the order from their own PC or smartphone at home.
Online reservation
Online reservation
Allow your customers to reserve a table online.

Menu with pictures

Pictures say more than words. This well-known wisdom applies even more to menus. Seduce your customers with tempting pictures of your creations while reading the menu. If your customers' mouths watering while reading the menu, you've made it! Details...

Search for restaurants

Your customers can easily find your restaurant using our search engine. The opening times and menus are then displayed in the details. Details...

Online order

If you want, you can allow your customers to order meals from your restaurant online. Customers can do this in the web application or on their smartphone. When ordering, customers can of course enjoy the pictures of your dishes. Details...

Order from tablet

Instead of handing old-fashioned paper menus to your customers, you can instead give the customer a tablet. The customers can then put together the order online and submit it. The customers will of course see the pictures of your dishes. Details...

Order from the customer's smartphone

If you want, you can allow your customers to order their dishes in your restaurant from their private smartphones - with pictures of the dishes, of course. Details...

Online reservation

Your customers can reserve a table with you directly from their smartphone or from their computer. Details...

Filter dishes

The filter function enables your customers to either search specifically for a desired property (e.g. search for fish or veal) or to exclude an undesirable property (e.g. for customers who are lactose intolerant). Details...

Secure storage of the data

Your data will be stored in a German data center. All servers are fail-safe and available around the clock.

Support during Covid19 times

We can support you in several ways during the current corona pandemic:
  • Allow your customers to order online. The customers can of course enjoy the pictures on your menu right away.
  • Publication of your menu (pdf or with pictures) so that customers can order by phone.
  • Make it possible for your customers to easily find you by means of a targeted search for restaurants that offer pick-up or delivery of dishes even during the lockdown ..
  • Enable your customers to reserve a table with you online. All data that is required during the pandemic is recorded.
  • Enable your customers to order online in your restaurant. Customers can use their own smartphones. This prevents you from being infected by the menus that you share.


Customers are happier because they can see what they're going to get beforehand.

Restaurant owners can save on staff because customers can order the dishes themselves using the tablet or their own smartphones. The waiter does not have to stand by for minutes and take the order. You can also save yourself the trouble of printing out the menus.


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